♡ I Get Shy In These Lights ♡
Oh hi there dumbbutts, I'm Rosie and I'm really vulgar and estupid and I love The L Word, Tegan and Sara, & EDM.

♡I have the best girlfriend ever.♡

Daft Punk still rules my life.



My blog is NOT 100% EDM

I could never take the place of your man.


I could never take the place of your man.

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"The sea is the cruelest lover."

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You’ve never looked better


You’ve never looked better

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if anyone i know sees us, you’re my niece or.. something like that.

that’s weirdly hot.

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  1. meaning behind my url: some guy in the daft punk tag said that their music made him “cream” his “ants” & some of us reblogged his post bc we were laughing our asses off & i decided to make it my url so its basically an inside joke between the special daft punk fans who got to witness that incredible moment god bless
  2. weakness: jokes on u i have no weaknesses i am indestructible fight me u fu cking nerd
  3. why I love my best friend(s): eW WHY WOULD I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND EW GROSS ITS NOT LIKE WERE DATING OR ANY THING CANT U HEAR MY STRAIGHT BELLS RINGING IN THE TOWN SQUARE ROFL push me off a cliff im trash i love my bff because i just do okay shes perf & she inspires me to be a better person which is good bcuz im a bitch<3
  4. last time I cried and why: idk i cry at least like 5 times a day but not really for any reason lmfao i just cry a lot im a baby
  5. piercings I have: earssss and lippppp (yes i got the lip piercing om f moosen lied it fucking hurt like hell)
  6. favourite band/s: tegan and sara, sick of sarah, uh huh her, the pack ad, daft punk, UFFIEEEEE, ALL OF ED BANGER THANK
  7. biggest turn off(s): me
  8. tattoos I want: me
  9. age: me
  10. life goal(s): nicki minaj
  11. piercings I want: IDK idk if i want anymore yet
  12. relationship status: taken by acute triangle
  13. favourite movie: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??? ??,mnjb idk labyrinth probs
  14. phobia: walmart deli workers
  15. name: officer asscheeks
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My future husband better let me play get low by lil jon at our wedding or else I’m calling it off

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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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